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The Inductive Automation Educational Engagement Program: In conjunction with your school, college or university, we can help your students lead the way in industrial education

Inductive Automation

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This resource brings every feature of APC’s #Modbus interface to Ignition. Monitor UPS models in real time, with #UDTs for single, dual, and three-phase models.

Inductive Automation

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The I/O Device Library includes preconfigured status and diagnostic faceplates sets for Rockwell Automation Digital & Analog Controller and Distributed I/O devices.

Inductive Automation

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"Even complicated features required only a day or 2 to implement because the back end of the Ignition server & the database were designed with flexibility & adaptability." Automation Group worked with 2 culinary oils companies using Ignition to solve critical problems & achieve positive results.

Inductive Automation

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The first one begins in January 2023. Prefer online or can't travel to Folsom, CA? Explore the full list of training options!

The Teams of Inductive Automation

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The Software Engineering Team works to design, develop and constantly improve the functionality and value of our software products. They are responsible for Ignition’s continual success in the industry.

“The best part about Inductive Automation is being part of a focused, passionate team who works together to design and build a product that makes a real difference in the lives of our enthusiastic customer base.” – Carl Gould, Director of Software Engineering

The IT Team is responsible for the architecture, software, and hardware used within the company and its network. They work closely with all employees to ensure the company’s technology is secure and functional, both online and offline.

The Cyber Security Team keeps the company and personnel protected from potential cyber threats. They also handle risk management, incident response, digital forensics, and more.

“As part of IT in a fast moving company, you'll get to tackle exciting and innovative projects, support users driving an industry forward, and have a measurable impact on our success. The variety of projects and near unlimited growth potential makes this an amazing place to work.” – Jason Waits, Director of IT / Cyber Security

The Support & Training Team provides world-class technical customer service to Ignition users worldwide while also delivering high-quality training to the Ignition community. They work closely with product teams to ensure that customers can succeed with Ignition.

“Working for Inductive Automation is an extremely rewarding and mentally stimulating experience. Our close knit support team thrives on new challenges and loves working with our smart and creative customers who are always looking for new and creative ways to put Ignition to use.” – Dave Fogle, Director of Support & Training

The Sales Engineering Team works with customers on valuable and functional software development strategies for customers’ projects. They work closely with other teams as well as integrators to ensure the ongoing success of Ignition users.

“The company fosters a team culture where everyone feels connected to the mission statement and drives innovation. With a focus on open communication and a drive to make the impossible a reality, our company thrives on creativity. It’s very rewarding to help make cutting edge ideas come to life.” – Travis Cox & Kevin McClusky, Co-Directors of Sales Engineering

To see the other Inductive Automation teams, click here.

Choose Your Own Path to Success with the Technical Pathways Program

Since our inception, there has been one thing that sets Inductive Automation apart from the rest of the automation industry: the people who work here. Our products are developed using open source technology and we offer free training along with mountains of free resources, but it’s our employees’ ingenuity and sense of community that are one of a kind. So more than anything, our goal is to make room for everyone on the IA team to grow and flourish, to find their strengths and fully realize their talents. With that mindset, we created the Technical Pathways Program to help current students and recent graduates develop their skills and better prepare for wherever their careers may take them. 

Each pathway offers unique experiences and benefits, along with plenty of transferable skills if you ever want to pivot within the company. Below is a brief overview of each pathway.

  • Software Support: Help expert engineers and industry professionals solve advanced technical problems, working directly with our development team to assist with everything from deployment to enterprise-level connectivity. Due to the variety of challenges you’ll face, there’s never a script, only critical thinking and teamwork.
  • Software Development: Be part of the team that develops Ignition from start to finish. You’ll be pitching in right away (because good ideas come from everyone), collaborating across various divisions and, because Ignition is a polyglot platform, coding in a variety of languages.
  • Quality Assurance: Validate code changes and perform automated and/or manual tests, but more than that, you’ll define processes for our entire organization. You’ll also provide a voice for the customer, acting as a liaison for their needs and understanding exactly how our software can help.
  • Training: Some people are born to teach. Combine your product knowledge with other skills, drafting and updating written documentation or producing and editing video. Or if you’re the type who enjoys teaching directly, become an in-class instructor and travel to production facilities all over the world.
  • Sales Engineering: Work on dynamic, fascinating projects in all types of industries, helping current and potential customers understand the full capabilities of Ignition. You won’t be fixing small problems, you’ll be connecting the dots of automation to reveal approaches that can overcome system-wide challenges.
  • Sales: This is not your typical sales role! Working collaboratively alongside other divisions, use your technical knowledge to answer any questions for potential customers. Additionally, you’ll demonstrate the power of Ignition with live installs and system development.

Read more about the Technical Pathways Program.

We're also a remote-first company

“[Remote work] means that the technology continues to enhance our collaborative capability while helping to ensure that the remote workers are still integrated and don't feel left out. Technology is an enabler.” -Kevin in Software Engineering.

“I feel like the infrastructure is in place so that working remotely is seamless. I have access to all the resources I need to do my job effectively and without any real wait time. If I need to clarify something with a co-worker, Slack is right there. And when the problem is a bit more complicated, we can switch to screen-sharing just as easily. [I've been] eating healthier, upgrading my cooking skills… it's a lot easier when the kitchen is a room away.” -Alex, Quality Assurance

“It shows management’s trust. It shows employees’ responsibility.” -Trevor, Accounts Receivable 

"I currently live in Oregon and without IA’s willingness to hire remotely, I wouldn’t be working here today and you wouldn’t be reading these words right now. As the past year has shown so definitively, massive change can come at any moment. Knowing that IA is willing to be flexible, whether I decide to stay in Oregon or move somewhere else, affords a level of security I can’t quantify." -Aaron, Marketing

Inductive Automation Tech Stack

"Working at Inductive Automation has broadened my technical horizons, providing me a hands-on opportunity to learn about all kinds of new technologies, as well as develop practical troubleshooting techniques I'm still using years later." - Paul Scott, Training Content Manager



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Industrial Automation, Software Development / Engineering, SCADA


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Company Benefits

  1. 100% Covered Health Care: Don’t pay a dime!
  2. 401k with Match
  3. Remote-First Employer: WFH, hybrid, or on-site
  4. Choose Your Own Career Path with the Technical Pathways Program
  5. Work/Life Balance: Work with your supervisor to create your schedule.
  6. Opportunities for Advancement
  7. World-Class Headquarters: Snacks, pool table, table tennis & more
  8. We have fun! See our Instagram for more (or just ask our employees)!